Consultant of Ready Made Garments (RMG) Industries :

Garments Manufacturing, Implement LEAN Production System and Technical Consultancy Services in Garments industries since in 2002

Ready Made Garments (RMG) Consultancy, I offer you a range of services & technical expertise to help increases productivity, quality and efficiency,and boost your capacity and skill sets and development. I do not offer Quick Fix’ so lutions, and are more interested in building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with my clients. I offer you our experience and expertise to help you become more productive, competitive and most importantly profit.

Garments Manufacturing and Technical Consultancy Since in 2002


Garments Production, Quality and Technical Consultancy :

I am a Bangladeshi born Garments Technical Consultant, garments technician, pattern maker, pattern grading, pattern control, solving fabrics spreading, cutting problems, fabrics consumption problems, fabrics problems, quality problems, production problems, fashion designer and dressmaker with over a decade of experience. Next to craftsmanship skills, I also managed several teams and built strategies to improve productivity, quality, efficiency and products processes. My focus lies on men, women, boys and children apparel including special sizes (plus size, maternity, tall and petite).

The garments industry is traditionally associated with high levels of innovation and diverse industrial applications. To be a successful player in this competitive game, one must be flexible and adaptive to the rapid changes that characterize the industry. GCFL, with more than 30 years of experience in the garments industry in more than 40 countries across the globe, is equipped to provide end-to-end solutions spanning the complete business cycle in the garments and textile value chain.

As an experienced garments management consultant in the world of textiles and apparel, GCFL assists its clients with strategy formulation and implementation, investment strategies and research and development. Our team has the expertiseto provide timely, knowledgeable and insightful advice for projects, garments manufacturing, quality, lean production system, technical problems solving, setting new garments industry, operations, sourcing and marketing within the garments sector.


I am ready to Garments Production Management Consultancy and Garments Technical Consultancy with you about the following essential elements of any great garment, apparel, clothing & fashion business –

Garments Manufacturing and Technical Consultancy

1. Productivity Improvement System Consulting

2.Garments Technical Problems Solving Consulting

3. Consulting of Garments Quality System Development

4. Consulting of Implementing Lean Manufacturing System

5.Garments Organizational System Development Consulting

6. Consulting of Setting Up New LEED Green Garments Industry

7. Setting Up New Garments Woven and Knit Industries Consulting

8. Garments Consulting of Total (Garments) System Development (TSD)

9. Consulting in Garments Management System, Training & Development

10. Re-Organized, Re-Setting and Modification of Existing Garments Industry

A Garments management consultant may specialize in a particular garments industry, such as production management, productivity, quality, efficiency management, Industrial engineering,setting new garments industry, lean production system. Lean Management System, garments management staff Training and development, Lean Maitenance, Lean Operations, Setting new LEED green garments Industry, Total Garments System Development (TSD) and Re-Setting, Re-Organized and Modification of Existing Garments Industry.


The Garments consulting and training experience of Md. Shahid Ullah Consulting with over 15 garment factories in Bangladesh shows that labour productivity improvement of 15% to 30% can easily be achieved in 06 to 12 months time. It was implemented in 15 garments factories in the years 2014-2020. My experienced resultant productivity improvement of 16% to 25% and efficiency improvement 16% to 25% in the pilot lines. The garments factories also benefitted by improving their cut to ship ratio by 1%.

1. Nassa Group.

Chattogram Export Processing Zone (CEPZ). (Lean Production System and Lean Six Sigma Quality System Chattogram, Bagladesh.

2. Youngone Group.

Korean Export Processing Zone,(KEPZ). Korean Multinational Garments Group. Anowara, Chttogram, Bangladesh.

3. Silver Line Group.

Silver Composite Textile Mills Ltd. Lean Production System Garments Industry.Monipur, Mirzapur, Gazipur. Bangladesh.

4. The Delta Group.

The Delta Knitting Dyeing IndustriesLtd. Lean Production System Garments Industry. Zaron, Kashimpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

5. Square Group.

Square Fashions Ltd. Certified LEAN and LEED Green Garments Industry. Jamirdia, Valuka, Mymenshing, Bangladesh.

6. Opex Group. Sinha Group.

Sinha Textile Group. Sinha Indutries Ltd.- 01- 06. Sinha Knitwears Ltd.- 01 - 03. Kanchpur, Narayangonj. Sonargaon, Bangladesh.

Garments consultancy is specializes in providing garments consultancy services, for garments production & quality Management. I have delivered consistent high quality and cost effectiveservices in Garments production, quality management, Setting up new garments industry, Implement Lean production system, Setting up LEED green garments ndustry,Industrial Engineering (IE), Lean management & Lean Engineering in woven and knit Garments Industry.

Why Choose Me /Us and GCFL Garments Industries Consulting Firm?

My approach in itself is simple and lean production system. I will work with teams to develop a clear, strategic roadmap for incorporating consulting methodologies. This roadmap will allow clients to realize a larger and faster return on investment by making the most efficient use of time and resources.

30 + Years of Proven Experience: Successful garments manufacturing system implementation / transformations are hugely profitable, but (as with anything worth doing) come with challenges. My consulting, management and leadership experience, along with a focused approach, will help prevent or significantly reduce many of the common roadblocks and pitfalls your garments company will face.

Guarantee: You Have little to lose and MUCH to Gain: My guarantee is simple; if you are not satisfied with my consulting services I will remove the consulting fees from the invoice. Period

Focused garments consulting : Many garments manufacturing and management consulting firms tack on production as one of the dozen or so services they provide. The continuous study and practice of garments manufacturing and quality methodologies is exclusively what I do. Why is this important? Because this focus allows clients to garner positive results faster and more efficiently.

Skills Transfer: The only way for a company to truly become garments manufacturing and quality sustain improvements are to develop its own internal garments manufacturing and quality professionals. Without a plan, it is easy to become dependent on garments manufacturing consultants from garments manufacturing consulting firms. It is not my goal to make you dependent on my services, but rather independent through production management training and mentoring at all levels.

What Type of Results Should You Expect?

See below for some of the typical results you would expect to see as a result of a successful manufacturing and quality consulting in Garments industries:

Significant Increase in : 1. Increase Productivity 2. Increase Quality 3. Garments Factories Efficiency 4. Usable Space 5. Employee Morale 6.Employee Safety 7. Customer Satisfaction 8. The Bottom - Line!

Significant Decrease in : 1. Lead times 2. Quality Defects 3. Work in Process 4. Defects 5. Reworks 6. Inventory 7. Breakdowns and Changeover Times 8. Garments Manufacturing Cost 9.Wastage

Getting Started consulting in Garments Industries

If you would like more information please contact me for a free consultation. I will explain my consultancy services in garments industries, what you should expect from a garments consultant and answer any of the questions you may have. With the assistance & mentorship of a professional garments manufacturing consultant, lean tools can (and do) work well in multiple environments. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and hope to soon become your preferred choice of garments manufacturing and management consulting companies.

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