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Garments consultancy is specializes in providing garments consultancy services, for garments production & quality Management. I have delivered consistent high quality and cost effectiveservices in Garments production, quality management, Setting up new garments industry, Implement Lean production system, Industrial Engineering (IE), Lean management and Lean Engineering in Garments Industry.

Ready Made Garments (RMG) Consultancy Services Since In 2002

Garments Manutacturing and Technical Consultancy


One-Stop Garments Industries Consultancy Services

GARMENTS INDUSTRY CONSULTANT Provides Completely integrated solutions for the garments industry ..... Today, we are positioned as the leading consultants in the garments domain thanks to our strong and innovative team. Garments industry consultant professionals focused on meeting the challenges of the garments industry. It worked on strategy and implementation assignments in the key global garments manufacturers. Garments industry consultant offers the best services for placement consultants for the garment industry. In GCFL We And I Will Help You To Get Investment For Your Garments Business To Grow.

Garments Manutacturing Consultancy :

Garments consultancy is specializes in providing garments consultancy services, for garments production and quality Management. I have delivered consistent high quality & cost effectiveservices in Garments production, quality management, Setting up new garments factory, Implement Lean production system, industrial engineering, Lean management and Lean Engineering in Garments Industry.

Garments Consultant has a depth of garments consultancy and technical experience which provides skills in increase productivity, quality and efficiency, methods improvement, System Development, work measurement, cost estimating, cost reduction, manufacturing process planning, cost control and reduction waste reduction, Cost Control, team building, Quality Management System, Total System Development (TSD), job analysis, job description and many other garments areas. While many consultants focus on one area of specific expertise, garments consultants are focused on helping leadership of an organization mprove overall performance and operations.

Scope of Garments Consultancy :

As garments industry consultants, we can identify the ambiguity in your current strategy quite quickly and help you devise a roadmap to fill the gaps. This can translate into a tweak in your recruitment cycles, equipment procurement, new technology solutions, or workmanship management with further recommendations for improvement. Our solutions are tailor-made for the needs of your organization. We and I also have a concise measurement system in place for you to understand the behavior of your current performance level and the world-class level.



We and I can provide the creative and garments business guidance, staff support and relationships with contractors you need. Backed by 30+ years of garments industries experience, our goal isn’t just getting your product made and improving productivity, quality & efficiency in your garments operations, but to help you achieve a level of execution that sets you apart from your competition.

Areas of Expertise and Consultancy Services in Woven and Knit Garments Industries
  • 1. Increases Production, Productivity, Quality and Efficiency
  • 2. Develop Garments Quality and Quality Management System
  • 3. Setting and Develop New Woven and Knit Garments Industry
  • 4. Industrial Engineering (IE) and General Sewing Data (GSD)
  • 5. Implementing Lean Production System in Garments Industry
  • 6. Training and Coaching Staff Management Skill Development
  • 7. Setting up New LEED Green Woven & Knit Garments Industry
  • 8. Implement Lean Six Sigma Quality Continuous Improvement
  • 9. Develop and Modify Existing Production and Quality System
  • 10. Re-Organized and Re-Setting of Existing Garments Industry
  • 11. Garments Technical, Quality and Sample Problems Solving
  • 12. Pattern, Marker, Consumption & Cutting Problems Solving
  • 13. Expert and Specialist in “Total System Development (TSD)”
  • 14. Setting up LEAN Production System New Garments Industry
  • 15. Implement Total Quality Management (TQM) In Garments Industry
  • 16. "Management Consulting" In Woven and Knit Garments Industry
  • 17. Implement Toyota Production System (TPS) In Garments Industry
  • 18. World Class Manufacturing (WCM) System In Garments Industry
  • 19. Leadership Development, Productivity & Quality Improvement
  • 20. Teamwork, Team Building and Garments Organizational Development
  • 21. Organization Strategy and Strategy Management in Garments industry
  • 22. The Seven Management Development Tools in Garments industry
  • 23. The Five Dysfunction of Management, Teamwork & Team Culture
  • 24. Garments Organizational Change and Management Development
  • Apparel Sustainable Consultancy :

    Building productive, long-lasting relationships with clients is at the heart of the An thesis approach. With extensive experience in the apparel sector, we and I support several apparel clients and are proud members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). An thesis has a strong track record in realistic, easy-to-use solutions that help companies reduce carbon and energy use.

    Assured Results of Garments Consultancy :

    We and I assure improvements upon implementation of our garments projects. For instance, we and I guarantee 25% productivity, Quality and efficiency improvement in your garments sewing department and up to 5% fabric saving in your cutting department

    We and I study an organization from a business point of view and help to unlock the true potential. This involves examining all aspects to establish areas of weakness, coupled with a report, which will contain recommendations and solutions that form the basis of a discussion with the Management and the formulation of a plan of action.


    Areas of Expertise and Consultancy Services in Woven and Knit Garments Industries

    1. Garments Consultancy Of
    Increases Garments Productivity and Implement Industrial
    Engineering (IE) and General Sewing Data (GSD)

    Higher productivity brings higher margin in a garments industries business. Garments productivity as well as labour productivity increases when a garments factory produces more pieces by the existing resources (Manpower, time and machinery). And increment in Productivity level reduces garments manufacturing cost. Hence a garments industry can make more profit through productivity improvement. Develop & modify existing production & quality management system.

    2. Garments Consultancy Of
    Setting up New Garments Industry and LEED Green Woven
    and Knit Garments Industry

    Setting up a Ready Made Garments (RMG) manufacturing industry is considered as top one among the other medium or large scale garments business ideas. To set-up a garments industry, first you need to decide the product or product group that you will be making in your garments industry. I have setting up total 06 new garments industry & new LEED green garments industry. Re-organized, Re-setting and modification of existing garments industry.

    3. Garments Consultancy Of
    Implement Lean Production System & LEAN Six Sigma Process
    Quality Improvement System In Garments Industry

    Lean manufacturing, also referred to as lean production system, is a systematic approach to achieving highly efficient in garments factory or plant operations through eliminating waste. To increase the productivity of the apparel industries we need to reduce the wastage of the manufacturing and time to manufacture the product. Lean is the tool to reduce the wastage in all process of apparel manufacturing, reducing cost and value added to the product.

    4. Garments Consultancy Of
    Develop and Modify Existing Production & Quality Management
    System (QMS) and Re-Organized, Re-Setting and Modification of
    Existing Woven and Knit Garments Industry

    Implement World Class Manufacturing (WCM) and lean production are method of improving productivity and quality in garments industries. The main objective of the WCM / Lean method are to increase productivity and quality and reduce production cost. If productivity, quality & efficiency are not satisfy in your existing garments industry, I can improvement productivity, quality and efficiency.

    5. Garments Consultancy Of
    Develop and Modify of Exisiting Quality Control, Quality Assurance
    System and Total Quality Management (TQM)

    As quality is one of the key success industries, managers always try to devote their effort to improve the quality of garments. The most difficult thing in garments manufacturing is producing the right quality product for all the time. Total Quality Management (TQM) is one of the important tools to improve quality and reduce manufacturing cost by reducing rework and scrape. Develop and improve existing quality control and quality assurance system.

    6. Garments Consultancy Of
    Technical Problems Solving of Pattern, Grading,
    Marker, Fabrics, Consumption, Spreading, Cutting and Sampling

    A problem is not always a bad thing but it is also good to know your problems. Most of the problems reduce line performance, the effect on delivery and product quality. Garments industries face various kind of technical problems while making garments in the garments floor. Sometimes problems are never ending. When one frequently occurring problem is solved, a new problem comes out. Even problems occur in various forms in different processes.