Md. Shahid Ullah:

“ I am Certified Garments Management & Training Consultant” , Certified Lean (Production System) Manager” (CLM) in Woven and Knit Garments Industries

“Garments Consultants Hring a Fresh Approach, an Outside Eye To Your Garments Business. Garments Consultants Provide The Extra Horse-Power And The Specialized Skills To Help Your Garments Business Succeed" ------ Md. Shahid Ullah.

----- Md. Shahid Ullah

Garments Manufacturing and Technical Consultant

Md. Shahid Ullah


Senior Garments Industries Consultant and Researcher in Garments Industries

Md. Shahid Ullah has over 30 years practical working experience in the Fashion, Garments, Textile Industry, as a garments manufacturer, Senior Garments consultant and Senior Garments Technical Consultant. He have been a Garments Management Consultant to over 14 new, failing or growing companies in need of reorganization, or reengineering of the garments industry. I am ready to Garments Production Consultancy and Garments Technical Consultancy with you about the following essential elements of any great garments, apparels, clothing and fashion business.

Consultancy Services in Woven and Knit Garments Industries

I assist clients in strategy formulation and implementation, forming alliances, investments, sector analysis and due diligence – thereby providing end to end solutions spanning the complete business cycle in garments value chain. Having worked with leading Bangladeshi and international companies, public sector organizations, Garments Consulting Firm Limited (GCFL) has developed a deep understanding of global garments sector dynamics and connect with people who matter.

GCFL’s team of garments experts possess experience across functions – production, operations, quality, lean production, setting new garments industry, re-organized re-setting existing garments industry and technical in the sector. The team members have worked on strategy and implementation assignments in the key global garments manufacturing and consumption bases.


I am a Bangladeshi born Garments Technical Consultant, garments technician, pattern maker, pattern grading, pattern control, solving fabrics spreading, cutting problems, fabrics consumption problems, fabrics problems, quality problems, production problems, fashion designer & dressmaker with over a decade of experience.Next to craftsmanship skills, I also managed several teams and built strategies to improve productivity, quality, efficiency and products processes.My focus lies on men, women, boys and children apparel including special sizes (plus size, maternity, tall and petite).


Garments Manufacturing Consultancy
Garments Technical Consultancy

Md. Shahid Ullah

Senior Garments Consultant

Managing Director/CEO

Of The

Garments Consulting Firm Limited (GCFL)

Md. Shahid Ullah
Senior Garments Consultant

Practical Working Experience in Garments Industries :

I Have Over 30 (Thirty) Years Practical Working Experience In Garments Production Management, Garments Consultancy, Production Planning and Control, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Total Quality Management, Lean Management System, Setting up New Garments Industry, Industrial Engineering (IE), Lean Six Sigma Setting up New LEED Green Garments Industry, Pattern, Pattern Grading, Marker, Sample, Fabrics, Consumption, Cutting,Technical Problems Solving, Total System Development (TSD), Garments Management System, Training and Development and Re-Organized, Re-Setting and Modification of Existing Garments Industry and Increases Productivity, Quality and Efficiency In Woven and Knit Garments Industries.

"Certified Lean Production System Consultant" In Garments Industries:

I am a “Certified Lean Manager” Addvalue Consulting firm, Professional implementer of Lean Production System and Toyota Production implement in Garments Industry and I have Vast knowledge about LeanTools, Technique and Toyota Sewing System,Seven Wastage, 5S, Just-In -Time (JIT), Kaizen, Kanban, SMED, Right First Time and Lean “One Piece Flow System. I have Practical Experience & Professional implementer of Lean Six Sigma & Six Sigma Implement in Garments Industries and I have Vast knowledge about Six Sigma Tools and Techniques. Calculation of DPU, DPO, and DPMO. Experience in Six Sigma Process Quality Improvement and Standard Deviation and Standars Error Calculation, Lean Six Sigma and MiniTab.

""Certified Training and Management Development Consultant" In Garments Industries:

I am “professional Certified Trainer & Management Consultant” (International Accreditation Organization, IAO, Houston, Texas, USA. Online training program), My practical experience are management consultancy, change management consultancy, recruitment consultancy, garments production & quality management consultancy Training & Management Consultancy in Garments Industries.I am completed 05 (Five) weeks (online course) training course of “MANAGEMENT COURSE FOR CONSULTING AND TRAINING PROVIDERS” to International Training Centre (ITC) of the International Labor Organization (OLI), Turin, ITALY.

Garments Productivity Improvement Consultancy

Garments Consultant Firm Limited (GCFL) was founded in Bangladesh in 2002. Garments Consultant Firm Limited (GCFL) is one of the beast garments consultancy services in Bangladesh and has a strong and outstanding business history. Established in 2002, Garments Consultant Firm Limited (GCFL) is a leading global garments consulting support company. It is Bangladeshi private limited company. Garments Consultant Firm Limited (GCFL) focuses on modern garments technology and international standard garments consulting services that connect our world.

Garments Consultancy in Bangladesh provides various services to enable you to make your own fashion brand. I provide design, pattern cutting, production management, productivity, efficiency, quality management, new factory setting up, lean production system, re-organized, re-setting and modification of existing garments industry, product development, production management and quality control and quality assurance consultancies services in woven and knit garments industries.

I can help you from start to finish. From the design phase through to the packaging of your garments. I provide garments project management solutions from start to finish for your garments industry.

Specialist and expert in high volume garments manufacturing industries, cutting, sewing and finishing, cost reduction, waste control, New garments factory setting up, new LEED green garments industry setting up, management training and development, increases productivity, quality and efficiency consulting services in your garments industry.

The recipe for making your garments business a success…

If you are an ambitious, hands-on, pattern-making, apparel designer, production management, quality management and are ready to kick things up a notch and make your dreams a reality…excellent ! I am prepared to be your garments production and quality coach so you can be the next apparel production and quality guru.

Why You are in good hands with me

Like you, I am Senior Garments Consultant and an entrepreneur. Like most Garments Consultant and entrepreneurs, my journey began with a dream. That dream evolved into a reality.

Not only am I the Managing Director/CEO and President of Garments Consulting Firm Limited (GCFL) -- I am a sought after Garments Consultant and adviser to many top fashion brands of today.

For over a decade, I have successfully helped top caliber brands and entrepreneurs to increase their productivity, Improve quality, setting new garments industry, cost reduction, implement lean production system, increase their income, and increase efficiency. “ I will do the same for you”.

Through garments consultations and the many other services my (Garments Consulting Firm Limited) company offers, I can help you……establish your brand…grow your garments business…reduce costs…constructing designs…and rapidly scale your business to reach higher levels.

My activity in the garments industry and garments consultancy services include conducting and presenting seminars to start up your garments business newly, providing continuous on-demand, in-house training and development to apparel /garments businesses, and coaching businesses through the inevitable challenges that they face.

More than just a garments consultant – your coach and friend in the garments industry

If you sign / confirm on for my garments consulting service, YOUR SUCCESS IS MY SUCCESS. You bring the heart and Garments Consulting Firm Limited will give you the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

There is no need to wait. Let us get started on your future right away.

Best regards to you and your business,

Md. Shahid Ullah

Architect of Senior garments Consultant, Senior Garments Technical Consultant and fashion products, garments business strategist, garments consultant, pattern maker, Senior garments technical consultant, Managing Director / CEO... and your coach and friend in the garments industry.

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